Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey Everyone!...I have been so busy!...Crafting away!...getting ready for FALL!!!Yea!..I love Fall!..Can't wait for it to get here!..Anywho I wanted to share an idea I got from another blog..(I really wish I could remember the name)...I seen it and fell in love with look!...She took a piece wood wedged from a tree cut down and painted it to look like watermelon!...I thought now why didn't I think of that? My FIL had a few trees cut down on his property and I took the wedges...They have sold like wildfire!..Who would've thought?..I kept the biggest one for my front stoop! it is..I have had several neighborhood people want to buy it!...I already have a couple of orders for them too!..Well I just wanted to drop a quick post!...So until next time...I'll take mine Americana!...


  1. Looks great! I love watermelon!

  2. Awesome! I bought one of those slices last year at our local fall craft festival and paid $12.00. SO much nicer to just do it yourself, If you pop over to my blog, I believe I have it in my header photo:)