Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As promised..I am slowly posting more of my wonderful garage sale finds. I am still trying to figure out what changes I should make (if any) to them and where in the heck am I going to put it when I get it done!!!HEHE!! The first pic is of four things I found at a "junk" sale this past Saturday. I paid .50 a piece for them...the question is..should I paint the stool and tool caddy? or leave as is? The second pic is of all the treasures I picked up at a garage sale ( also this past Sat.) for my upstairs bathroom...I love them..I painted and then used shoe polish (thanks Dawn for the idea) on the peg board. It was a blue color..pretty..but did not match my colors in there!...The third pic is of a crock bowl...a .50 item also picked up at my garage sale expedition this past Sat. I added some filler and a grubby candle. Whatcha think?? I hope everyone is having great summer...thanks for all your kind comments! Until next time...I'll take mine Americana Please!!...

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