Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Very good Garage Sale Day!!

Good Saturday to all!!!...My hubby and I went to some community garage sales today...and did we find some great lil' finds!! The red handled kitchen untensils were only 1.00 each!! I have been looking for some affordable ones like these forever!!.So you can guess how happy I was!!..I was actually looking at some other things and my hubby said..haven't you been looking for these?...I couldn't believe it!..then a little later we found the two enamelware bowls (with red too) for only 1.00 a piece! My kitchen is done in coca-cola with red lower I am sooo happy to find these!..Also today we found 2 really cool baskets..also for 1.00 each!!.(it must 1.00 day!), and 2 for .25 the other for .50...( I think they will look cool with some tea lights in them), a wooden potato masher for 2.00, an old bottle with a handle for .75 and last but not least a grapevine tree for .75..I am so excited! feels like Christmas!!..I hope you ladies had a wonderful Saturday!!!...Well, I am going out to work in my yard...until next time..I'll take mine Americana!


  1. Wow! You've done really well and scored some great items. Have fun and thanks for sharing, Christine

  2. OH I love all your things you got! --Dawn

  3. Oooh! You did get some great items.