Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great Wednesday morning to all!! The sun is finally shining today!! I wanted to add some more of the great finds from my garage sale expedition this past Sat. I have never found so much great stuff so cheap forgive me if I am going on too much about it!! You know how it is girls...when you find a great deal you want the whole world to know!! The candle holder is one of my favorite redo outcomes..I love this look...It started out green...I sanded to get some courseness to it and then painted it and then sprayed it with crackle paint..added some rosehips and whatnot..and of course a grubby candle..Whatcha think?? the other pic is some goodies I found (yes at the same sale)that fit perfectly in my upstairs bathroom...they were all as is...I didn't have to do a thing to them! How do they look? Too much on the bench? Let me know.. Thanks Ladies for taking the time to read my blog...until next time..I'll take mine Americana!!


  1. I love the little bench,and the goodies on the bench! I do think the stacking boxes are taking away from the bench. The bucket looks really cute up there though.. I am with ya I'll take mine Americana too..--Dawn

  2. are doing great with your blog!
    Great finds! Beth